• Sport: Swimming
  • Team(s): Orillia Channel Cats
  • Position: Coach
  • Years Active: 1982 - 2015
  • Nominated In: 2015

Elaine has made a major contribution to the development and advancement of swimming as a sport in our community. Currently coaching silver, bronze and channel kittens, Elaine believes that competitive swimming emphasizes goal setting and time management which carries over into a swimmers’ academic and social life and develops a child’s self-esteem and self-worth. Children who participate on swim clubs develop a good level of overall physical fitness and co-ordination, and can become accomplished all-round athletes.

Thompson was born and raised in Orillia and it was as a child at the Y.M.C.A. she developed her love of swimming. After completing the levels of the swim program she began teaching swimming at 12 years of age. When her children became involved in the “Y’ programs, Elaine became interested in Synchronized Swimming. She was involved in the Under 8s swim portion for several years as well as a Synchro coach for 18 years. In 1982 when her youngest daughter, Meredith became a member of the Orillia Channel Cats swim club Elaine was asked if she would be interested in helping coach some of the younger swimmers on the team. She has shown commitment to the Orillia Channel Cats for 33 years.