• Sport: Dance
  • Team(s): Tapps Performing Arts
  • Position: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acro
  • Nominated In: 2013

Raelan Moonilall is an outstanding Orillia athlete, who for the past 4 years has competed with the Canadian National Tap team at the World Championships in Germany. This past November Raelan and his Mom travelled to Rissa again where he competed with Adult formation, small group, duet, solo and war of the feet.

“It felt amazing to be on that stage, to know I was representing our country and our small town”

Raelan’s solo placed 11th, war of the feet 5th, duet came in 11th, small group 7th and adult formation 4th. This is the World Championships, the best of the best compete here.

Raelan Moonilall’s start with dance came about after watching his older sister year after year. He would ask Tracey Parkes (King) owner of Tapp’s Performing Arts constantly “Can I come to Dance camp too?” Who could turn down a 6 year old little boy! “I can honestly say I was a bit hesitant at first, I had watched Raelan race his bike over jumps, jumped from tall objects, and constantly run from morning till night.” His first year of dance Raelan excitedly came to the dance studio and took his 45 minute hip hop class. “You could see immediately that Raelan had natural rhythm, and ability” says Tracey. “We weren’t sure how he would do on stage” says his Mom, Rosie “He went out, performed, walked off, marched right up to Tracey and I and asked “so when do I get to compete?” He was totally serious!” Raelan was a naturally gifted athlete and played hockey and soccer at competitive levels, till dance really started to take off for him.

Raelan started to train in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acro. He started to accumulate awards which gave him titles like “Mr On Stage NY”. His natural ability had taken in locally, to internationally and more recently to the World Championship Stage.